Saturday, 25 January 2020

Valentine’s Week 2020 List - Dates and Names of Celebrations

In this post we are discussing all about Valentine’s week in this year 2020 list and the names of those days that falls in this romantic week. Its a happy week for couples in which every day will be the day of celebration. Everyone like to wish their partner on this beautiful day. Valentines week will be celebrated in 2020 in different ways showing the love all across the world.

Valentines week is based on 7 days including propose day, Teddy day, Rose day, chocolate day, hug day and kiss day. Every day is celebrated with love and perfection.

Valentine’s Week 2020 List

07th FebruaryRose Day
08th FebruaryPropose Day
09th FebruaryChocolate Day
10th FebruaryTeddy Day
11th FebruaryPromise Day
12th FebruaryHug Day
13th FebruaryKiss Day
14th FebruaryValentine’s Day

Nothing can stop me from loving you, No matter what, loving you will be always right for me. Be My Valentine!

Life was good before you came in my life but now it has become beautifully graceful with your arrival

I promise you that I will love you forever the way I do now. I will never lose your trust or hurt you in anyway.